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Peacocks in Pasadena

Today we finished our install on a house in Pasadena. It was a 6.09 KW system with 325W Panasonic panels and SolarEdge Inverters, optimizers and monitoring system.

The fun thing about this install was the crazy amount of peacocks on the roof and in the neighborhood. They were always there and we even seen the big male fan his feathers. They are a really colorful bird. When I pulled up this morning there was one sliding down the solar panels.

This home was a small challenge for us. There was not enough roof space to completely offset the electrical usage of the home so we had to get a little creative. We ended up installing a Quiet Cool whole house fan and a Quiet Cool attic exhaust fan. This will dramatically drop their use of the AC when the temperature reaches 75-85 degrees. We will monitor this system through the solaredge portal and verify that our changes to the home were enough to offset the cost.

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